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COVIMED SOLAR has a wide range of solar streetlight models that are suitable for a multitude of projects. We have a range of urban solar streetlights, suitable for large installations, wide roads or spaces where powerful lighting is needed. We also have a wide range of residential solar streetlights that are the most used in towns and cities, for lighting roads, bike paths, parks... In each line of solar streetlight models, different luminaires are available to suit each project, urban or rural area.








Why they are ideal for roads

Solar street lights are suitable for lighting roads for different reasons: because they are a sustainable solution as we use solar energy for lighting, to reduce civil engineering work costs in the installation of street lights, since we do not have to make trenches, install wiring, transformers,..., we place the light directly where it’s needed. COVIMED SOLAR (esto porque esta aqui) By having different models of solar streetlights, we can design which type of streetlight is the most suitable for each road project, by studying the road, the density of vehicles passing through, whether it is a roundabout, an urbanization, the entrance to a municipality, etc. All this while in direct contact with those responsible for public engineering and road administration.

Cutting-edge technology

COVIMED SOLAR solar street lights represent cutting-edge technology that harnesses solar energy efficiently and sustainably to provide urban lighting. The combination of advanced solar panels, LiFeP04 storage batteries, intelligent control and versatile design makes them an effective solution to reduce energy consumption and promote a more sustainable and green urban environment. These streetlights are an example of how technology can be used to address current challenges and improve the quality of life in our cities and towns. Coupled with these technological advances, streetlights can develop different compatible uses, such as installation of surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi points, hybrid network/solar connection, intelligent sensor,…

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Frequently Asked Questions

The same regulations regarding roadway lighting efficiency, safety, and poles apply, in addition to the specific regulations for the specific components (solar panel, battery, etc.).

A solar streetlight has more components than a regular streetlight (solar panel, battery, controller, luminaire, etc.), making it more expensive. However, for a specific project, as it does not require wiring, trenches, electrical transformers, etc., it reduces the project cost and the necessary civil work.

Yes, they are easy to install, they do not require extensive technical preparation, the connection is simple, mechanical, and the electrical connections of each component are simple and unambiguous, with no possibility of confusion.

Each model of solar streetlight can be manufactured in any color temperature that the project needs, you just have to specify it in the design and manufacturing phase.

The lifespan of the LiFePO4 lithium batteries in COVIMED streetlights is approximately 6 to 8 years, depending on operating conditions and maintenance.

Yes, COVIMED solar streetlights have very low maintenance needs and do not require permanent tasks, aided by the monitoring system that most of the streetlights have.

COVIMED SOLAR has standard solar streetlights for a multitude of uses or projects, but as we are manufacturers, we also make streetlights based on the client's requirements (height, LED power, color temperature,…)