Covimed Group

COVIMED SOLAR is a company with a strong environmental commitment that aims for sustainable development in all its products related to solar-powered lighting.

As a company established in 2002, we have acquired extensive experience in the field of solar energy, making us a point of reference nationally and internationally in the design and manufacture of solar streetlights.

Our purpose

COVIMED SOLAR, as a manufacturer of solar streetlights, has a trajectory in the solar lighting sector that positions it as one of the leading companies in the field, both nationally and internationally. At the national level, our solar streetlights are present in numerous roads, pathways, and more. An increasing number of municipalities are choosing to install solar streetlights in urban and residential areas. Similarly, many parks, bike lanes, and more are sustainably illuminated with COVIMED SOLAR's solar streetlights.

Our history


The company is created in Spain, with the aim of manufacturing and marketing sustainable products linked to solar energy. First designs and development of solar street lights.


Creation of COVIMED SOLAR FRANCE, to develop the implementation of solar street lights in the French market. First international projects in Africa.


COVIMED SOLAR inaugurates new facilities to increase production capacity and expand the development and innovation area.


Creation of COVIMED SOLAR MEXICO, to address the development of solar street lights in the US and South America..


COVIMED is incorporated as an Authorized Distributor for the UN and various organizations (UNHCR, FAO, UNICEF...), initiation of lighting projects for refugee camps, educational and health centers


COVIMED SOLAR is highlighted as the 6th company in the world ranking and 1st in Europe of most relevant solar streetlight manufacturers.


COVIMED SOLAR continues its expansion by participating in countless national and international projects.

Our values

International dimension

International dimension

The company's international commitment makes us present in many countries where solar streetlights and lighting kits have been installed.

Multidisciplinary team

Multidisciplinary team

Our multidisciplinary technical team will allow you to make an appropriate decision for the development of your project or idea.

Quality and innovation

Quality and innovation

The search for quality is a permanent objective in the work of COVIMED SOLAR as well as its innovation through LEDs and new generation equipment.

International company

Internationally, COVIMED is an authorized company by the UN for the supply of solar streetlights in its cooperation projects. Refugee camps, educational and healthcare facilities are being illuminated with COVIMED SOLAR's solar streetlights, representing a significant part of our company's social work. Over the years, COVIMED SOLAR has been able to make advances in technology by incorporating new types of LEDs, solar regulators with higher performance, state-of-the-art batteries, connectivity systems. This continuous development has allowed the photovoltaic streetlights designed by COVIMED SOLAR to be recognized in the sector as the most technologically advanced solar streetlights with the best quality-price ratio.

The technical advisory work carried out by COVIMED SOLAR is recognized by our clients. The preparation of lighting studies helps councils determine which solar streetlight is most suitable, the most efficient distance between solar streetlights, the required height, the optics, and a series of variables that help councils install the appropriate solar streetlights for each project.