Regulations for public lights

Category: Regulation 19/10/2023

When considering the lighting of a public space by a city council, it must be taken into account that there are a series of regulations to be taken into consideration related to public lighting.

What regulations apply?

The key to a lighting project involving the installation of solar or conventional streetlights is to define which streetlight fits the project to achieve the goal while complying with the regulatory lighting requirements in Spain. 
At our company, once project data is known, the technical department conducts a study to not only meet the project's objectives but also comply with the requirements of the Regulation on the Energy Efficiency of Outdoor Lighting Installations (RD 1890/2008). 
Aspects that require attention include the type of streetlight to install, the most suitable LED power, the type of optics that are most convenient (more elongated, with greater depth, for crosswalks, etc.), the height of the streetlight, the distance between streetlights, and more.
Proper management of all these parameters ensures that COVIMED solar streetlights guarantee compliance with the regulatory efficiency of public lighting. Additionally, they ensure optimal and long-lasting performance of the designed installation.

Regulations for unique environments

It is also worth considering that certain solar lighting projects are affected by protected environments and must minimize light pollution during their implementation. COVIMED SOLAR offers solar streetlights, luminaires, and lamps suitable for use in these spaces, certified by the IAC, the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands. 
Increasingly, regional and municipal regulations regulate criteria for minimizing light pollution in cities, an aspect that must be considered when defining the characteristics of the solar streetlights to be installed."

Other regulations to consider

There are other rules and regulations associated with outdoor lighting related to staffs, batteries, solar panels, among others; that must be met in the installation of urban solar street lights.

Our company, through its technical department, provides support and advice to municipalities to assess, through lighting studies, the specific lighting needs for each solar lighting project. This process ensures an optimal and long-lasting performance of the designed installation and compliance with the existing regulations for public streetlights at any given time.

What foundation to make

The necessary foundation to be made will depend on the streetlight model (height and solar panel power), but in all cases the bolts and templates are provided for correct installation. Once the cement has set, using a boom truck it is possible to raise the streetlight for correct anchoring in a simple way. The installation of solar streetlights for public lighting is easy to execute with advice from the technical department of COVIMED SOLAR